Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nuclear Warfare by Kyle Zych

    The year is 2666. Russia and more than half of Europe is worn torn. Asia (lead by Russia) and Europe are fighting because Europe doesn't like the way their government is run as well as South Korea's either.  . By now Russia takes up 95% of Asia. The other 3% is North and South Korea. The other 2% are just small countries. South Korea is a very isolated place and the government is basically cutting them from the rest of the whole world. But, South Korea has a ton of chemical and nuclear weapons and if they were to fight with those they would no doubt win. So as you may imagine both Europe and Russia want to become allies with them so they don't lose and get completely wiped out from the face of the earth. That makes the bloodiest most violent war EVER.

    All this started about six years ago. Europe doesn't agree with the government of Russia and South Korea. They keep trying to destroy their government and take them over. Russia doesn't like that they are trying that so they make an alliance with South Korea to fight Europe. Little does Europe know, South Korea has tons of nuclear and chemical weapons that they could use any time they wish. So Russia and South Korea make an alliance against Europe. They wait till they next time Europe tries to take over and they start to fight. Russia's military is big enough as it is but now that South Korea has joined them along with their weapons, they are an unstoppable force. A week later Europe enters Russia through one of the small countries. What they didn't expect was to meet an army of about 5000. Right then and there the Eurasian war was started. All the Europeans that didn't get killed right away retreated back to Europe to get regrouped and get ready. When news spread of this more and more Europeans joined to go and fight for Europe. The European army got up to about 3500. A little bit less than the Russian/South Koreans 5000 but still a lot. At this point Europe still doesn't know about the South Koreans nuclear and chemical weapons. So Europe goes and fight like its any other fight. The Europeans sail through the black sea and right into Russia. The Russian army is waiting on the shore which they heavily booby trapped with mines and barbwire. They are also there waiting in heavily fortified bunkers with big machine guns. They also have tanks lined up along the front of the bunkers. The Europeans also have tanks being carried on HUGE ships carrying soldiers as well. The Europeans don't even reach the shore before both sides start firing all the guns they have. By the time all the European ships reach shore, about half of the soldiers from both sides combined have been already killed. After about 7 hours of fighting, the Europeans finally pushed their way to the front of the bunkers because, by then, all the Russian tanks have pulled back into the capital of Moscow.

Meanwhile, back in South Korea, they are getting their army ready to go and join the war with Russia. They are preparing everyone to go to join Russia to fight Europe. They are getting ready to move all the soldiers to Russia's capital of Moscow. They are moving them in big tanks and heavily armored trucks. There is about 1500 more soldiers that are coming from South Korea. That means that Europe will soon find out they are even more outnumbered than they originally thought. South Korea also is bringing more tanks along with the heavily armored trucks that they are traveling there in. Also, they are bringing more ammo and supplies for Russia, which is going to help Russia a lot. 
At this point, Russia has retreated a little bit to Moscow to take a break. This is also a smart move because that causes, eventually, Europe to be forced into their capital where they are regrouped and waiting to attack. When Russia retreats, Europe waits a week to regroup on the beach. Then, when they are ready, they start to move into Moscow to continue to fight. By the time they reach Moscow, South Korea has reached there and have joined Russia in the war. When Europe arrives in Moscow, they see South Korea and are surprised at how quick they actually reached Moscow and the amount of them there really are. So they start to fight again and it is just as bloody as the fight on the beach. The South Koreans and Russia are heavily armed and have a huge number advantage. Yet the Europeans are slightly winning. 
After six years of war, they are still fighting a very bloody war. Europe is still a little more dominate. Realizing this, the South Koreans start heading back to South Korea. Seeing this, Europe is very confused, but they just carry on. They keep fighting for another few months and it is getting worse and worse for Russia ever since the South Koreans left and went back to South Korea. But, Europe is also still confused why they did that. They don't know if it is they are planning something or they just ran but they are still confused. But they try to ignore it because they have to fight the war. 
The date is June 6 2666 (6/6/66). Europe is still winning. The Russians are almost defeated. Then, all of a sudden the Russians and the Europeans see a huge wave of fly objects in the sky. The Russians already know that it is the South Koreans nuclear and chemical weapons that they had them go back to launch. Although, Europe has no idea what it is and when Russia stops fighting Europe thinks they are giving up and they think they won. But when they see the "objects" start coming towards them they realize what they are and figure out why South Korea went back. They went back to launch nuclear and chemical weapons. By 12:00 in the morning, Moscow was turned into a nuclear and chemical wasteland with bodies and body parts everywhere.
After that no one ever questioned South Korea ever again. They went back to their regular lives and were never bothered again.

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  1. I. the conflict was that Europe and Russia didn't get along, it is external.
    II. Russia gets stronger.
    III. My favorite part of the story is when Russia went in to battle with Europe.
    IV. this story's best quality is the conflict.
    V. The story's theme is don't let somone push you around.
    VI. try to make the story a little longer.